Sunday, May 22, 2011

I AM: a 2L now....and home for the summer!

Ahhh I am done with my first year of law school! Super weird feeling. When I walked into my apartment after finishing my last final, my 19 yr old roommate says, "You're finished with a YEAR of law you feel OLD now?" Uhhhh....well....yeah I guess now I do! Ughhh.

Being done is such a relief. Two weeks of finals. Five classes that each have a 3-4 hr long essay exam. I was on my second to last final (Property...exciting, I know) and I got so bored sitting there after about an hour. It took everything I had to force myself to focus and get something on paper. I struggled with that exam. On the last essay question I could NOT remember one of the things I needed to remember. I ended up making something up that I was actually quite proud of. Well, proud of for a little while. I made the mistake of going home and thinking "I'm going to check that in my notes really quick"....should NOT have checked my notes. It turns out the B.S. answer I had been somewhat proud of was not something to be proud of after all. So I had about 15 minutes worth of a panic attack before I remembered it's okay to maybe get a C...and maybe it won't even be a C. Sooo...I'm no longer panicking about that. BUT getting that grade just might ruin my summer. Stay tuned.

So after that fiasco I had nothing left in me for my last final. It took me about 2.5 hours and it was scheduled to be a 4 hr exam. Oops. Sorry Prof. Goble, I just didn't care for your exam. Products liability, what a bore. I think I put a couple coherent answers together. I'm hoping for 30 points on that exam. Last semester a 28 out of 200 something possible points got me a B...maybe 30 this semester will get me a glorious B+. A girl can hope! I've only had one grade disappointment/freak out so far in law school and I hope it stays that way. I've surprised myself here and there with grades and I hope I can keep that up. But what a way to ruin a us our grades after we're already home and not caring about school anymore. Rude.

So NOW what? Well, I decided to use my first week home to relax, move back in, get situated, write a paper, and read. I thought it would be such a relaxing week. Turns out I NEED structure in my life. This week has been painfully boring and I cannot wait for this next week to begin. Starting this week I will spend a couple days in a law office, just kinda following people around and getting more familiar with things...and then the other days at the Boys and Girls Club, preparing for the summer program. Then next week I'm off to Mesa for my cousin's wedding (LaLa I cannot wait for this...soooo excited!) before coming back home and starting full time at the Club with my kids.

I am so excited to go back to working with my kids. I was going to workout a summer internship/externship in a law firm, but after a couple phone calls from my BGClub boss reminding me how fun it is and telling me they really wanted me back, I decided to spend one last summer getting paid to be a kid :) One of my favorite things is having a bunch of little 7-12 yr olds as best friends each summer. Constant entertainment.

Anyways...that was a whole lot of post for not a lot of exciting information. I'm not even going to read back through I apologize for errors. Editing is not worth my time right now.
Stay tuned for summer adventures!


  1. i love your blog. Thanks for putting it on fb. I like how you talk about law school...i need a little reminder that C's aren't the worst...This semester will be full of them. Good job M.E. Oh if you are bored in Mesa, or just have an hour to get food or something, give me a call (480)570-7515. I will be here and would love to spend a bit of time, with a girl i should have spent more time with in Idhao.

  2. DO NOT EVER GO HOME AND LOOK STUFF IN YOUR NOTES AFTER A FINAL! totally get that though dont panic about your grades either not worth the stress, but i wish i knew the secret of how to not freak out. If you know tell me! I am jealous of your summer I am dying at a firm in Vegas again dont ever want to be a lawyer dont know what I was doing. I think I tell everyone I know not to go to law school how are you feeling about that? I hope you are well and glad you are blogging again now that school is out!